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So in case, you’re wondering where I Sean Gugerty, misplaced his last WordPress blog, its simple. Because Your Tucson SEO buddy learned something new! This new fun fact as a result of how contrary the saying,

“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

to reality it is. Never make the mistake of believing that, because ironically enough one of the worlds biggest loudmouth snitches resides there.

Interestingly enough, he also thinks that the rules of our judicial system don’t apply to him whatsoever. Apparently, a 41-year-old named Jason Watson stalks a grown ass man for a hobby.

As a result of being really bored, he’ll even delete a blog which does not belong to him! But what really crosses the line is the fact he additionally deleted a blog belonging to a friend of mine Venus Cuckoldress from Canada! She’s a cool ass chic, and she’s an amazing writer of some bomb ass Literotica!

Whoops! Did that!

And homey, for the record, I could give a fuck what your preferences or opinions in life are. In fact, I’m not too happy with you breathing my air.

You know why? Because you make a living taking cum stained bribe/extortion money out of the palms of pedophile’s hands! Then when you’re done doing that, you slander and smear other peoples kids!

When you do this, you expose these kids to sexual assault, and most commonly identity theft!

And anyone in America reading this public criticism written by Sean Gugerty, of Tucson Arizona, He has two children, one of them is named Julian Watson, and his Daughters name is Jasmyn Watson, I believe they’re in their teens.

I wonder what it’s like growing up in a household having to use aliases to use platforms like Facebook to protect their daddy’s punk ass from the 15 million people he has smeared.

Because one of them certainly has and will possess the potential being to be violent and could kill him?

So we can set the record straight. He also likes to make jokes, about killing his family.

Jason Watson spends his weekend stalking web designer Sean Gugerty, and making jokes regarding murdering his family because of his eroticisms and masturbation of bing's porno.
Jason Watson spends almost his entire weekend stalking web designer Sean Gugerty. Watson enjoys making jokes about murdering his family because of his eroticisms and masturbation of Bing’s porno selection? Interesting… No one seemed to find that funny but you Watson…

In All Fairness

That’s a rather bold accusation for someone such as myself to say this particular account was Jason Watson. To which I will say I’d put my life on it!

So how exactly did I come about this confidence in my conclusions?

Well, because I have only met one other sociopath that would even be capable to respond “Go cry little bitch” when I presented this particular image onto Imgur.

The point of showing the image was to identify the fact that Google lied when they stated to have fixed the “Algorithm.” Due to their negligence, countless children’s lives are being affected.

Jason Watson Father of the year
Is Jason Watson father of the year? A week prior he told me, “My kids are on the honor role fuck face, nobody touches them I make sure of that!”

Interestingly enough, the only point in which Mr. Doesn’t stay in Vegas even gave a damn, was because I put that MF at the top of America’s priority list 😂

Jason Watson Makes Jokes about children being sexually assaulted and frauded out of identities and credit lines.jpeg

Oh look, Jason, what’s number one right there? is that your handiwork? Well the fact you took a pedophile doctor’s hush money may be, but the SEO ranking above Chicago Tribune with white hat SEO was me, little boy.

So holy shit dude! didn’t you say “Sean thinks he’s a web developer, but the only thing he is developing is a habit for meth!”

It gets even better!

I got some great news! where you’re going real soon, you’ll have quite a few people that you can talk all the shit you want about being MethHeads to their face! I bet you’ll get a free helicopter ride if you do! 😂

Proof Jason Watson Father of 2, is a Criminal Fraudster and hacker
Jason Watson purchased my old domain for the sole purpose of resetting my WordPress account so he could criminally access an unauthorized system and commit the fraudulent act of pretending to be me and make me look like a piece of shit deleting Venus’s blog.

Jason is a regular ladies man. That’s why he took a dime piece like Gleybis Carrera, and just out of being a hater syndicated an expunged booking photo because hot chicks dig that shit?

Jason Watson
Smile for the camera, my man! Everyone wants to see this Jason Watson fellow they’re looking to avoid like the plague!

Oh, and if you have a problem with me speaking the truth, this picture below is what I look like. Furthermore, address is available in 157 different directories.

Don’t get all excited chomo lover, none of them are sex offender registries, like who you will be playing pinnacle with for the next 5 years 😂

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